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Stop Worrying About Tomorrow, Start Creating It Today

My Story

Together we will tear down the barriers to make the best version of you.

Alcoholism is part of my journey; it’s been a family disease for my family and I found my father dead in bed when he was 50 as a result of his alcoholism, I was 17 at the time. Unfortunately this triggered my active alcoholism and lead me to a very dark place. My physical and mental deterioration led to multiple bankruptcies, depression, suicidal thoughts, and a stint of homelessness. I was in such a fatal state both physically and mentally, however the severe rock bottom I reached was necessary for me to recover as a member of A A.

I am deeply passionate about coaching in the space of mental performance and resilience. I work with everyone to help grow mindsets and develop mental toughness, grit and strategies to be their best every day and to serve their long-term goals, in their everyday life. As a coach, I aim to encourage forward movement, build resilience and serving mind sets, open possibilities, and support the creation of success, fulfilment and balance for all of my clients. . I'm fulfilled, and I'm eager to help you overcome the odds, no matter how stacked against you they may seem. The majority of coaching falls in the areas of mental performance development, professional & personal growth, leadership and work-life balance, something that has taken me a long time to learn and to put myself first sometimes. The strengths I possess as a coach are honesty, integrity and genuine care. Our relationship will be based on respect, authenticity, empowerment and the ability to be present and seeing the details while keeping focused on the destination.

I help my clients make progress in their personal lives and careers. Together, we will revisit and upgrade your strategy, goals, and processes to achieve long term prosperity. You might only need a push in the right direction. Or a different, fresh perspective on how you run your company or progress in your career. Your mindset and frame of mind are everything, so we will create synergy between your goals and to reach a pinnacle of success.

Your Daily Inspiration The past cannot be changed Your Daily Inspiration Opinions don't define your reality Your Daily Inspiration Everyone's journey is different Your Daily Inspiration Things always get better with time Your Daily Inspiration Judgements are a confession of character Your Daily Inspiration Overthinking will lead to sadness Your Daily Inspiration Happiness is found within Your Daily Inspiration Positive thoughts create positive things Your Daily Inspiration Smiles are contagious Your Daily Inspiration Kindness is free Your Daily Inspiration You only fail if you quit Your Daily Inspiration What goes around, comes around Your Daily Inspiration Don't be afraid to push yourself, and take chances in life in order to achieve greatness Your Daily Inspiration Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey, they don't need to, it's not for them Your Daily Inspiration Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal